Just The Two of Us

My first cookery book, “Just The Two of Us, Entertaining Each Other” was published in November 2006.   It features recipes for just two people, which I have collected and developed over the years for my husband and myself.

Signed personal copies of Just The Two of Us are available.   Please contact me for details.

Praise for Just The Two of Us, Entertaining Each Other:-
“Two’s company – if food is your thing, then Just the Two of Us Entertaining Each Other by Isabel Hood is a perfect inspiracion for Valentine’s Day.   Recently out, this book is geared up specifically for couples.   The chapters are divided up into The Quickstep, The Foxtrot and The Waltz, so the book will see you indulging throughout the whole year – venison, goose fat, smoked salmon, couscous, aioli, and no, not all in the same recipe, but there are some divine flavours running through this book.”   Reading Evening Post

“When there are only two of you to cook for, recipe books can often become redundant as most of them tend to only offer recipes for four people or more, forcing you to adapt recipes by halving the quantities of ingredients.   Isabel Hood’s book is especially for couples and will save you hours of frustration.”   Choice

“Get wild with your cooking with this recipe which uses wild mushrooms and partridges.   It comes from a cookery book specialising in dishes for couples, Just the Two of Us by Isabel Hood.”   Colchester Evening News
“This is the perfect cookery book for empty-nesters or family-free homes.   The book contains a collection of stylish recipes created for two hungry, healthy, even greedy people.   They are easy to follow, with a nod to seasonality and range from quick and easy to slow and stylish”.   My Weekly

“Cookbook of the Week – Just the Two of Us by Isabel Hood.   Why buy it?   Because not everyone has families of four or more.   All recipes are for two.   Can I do it?   The majority of the recipes are not overly challenging but you will need a well-stocked fridge and cupboard.   Does it look good?   Paperback and pictureless, this is functional rather than coffee table.   The recipes are clearly laid out and there are helpful hints alongside.   Dinner for two?   Roasted tomatoes with garlic and goat’s cheese aioli;  chicken with olive tapenade, Boursin and pancetta;  autumn salad of figs and pears;  baked bananas with Cointreau and pecans.   Value for money?   At less than £10, this is cheap for a cook book today and there are plenty of dinners for two within its pages”.   Birmingham Evening Mail

“A stylish collection of recipes for two with real temptation for all the senses.   Seasonally aware, rich in flavours and textures, even inexperienced cooks are guaranteed success with this eclectic mix that is sensitive to the lack of time in a busy lifestyle”.   Eastern Daily Press

“Dinner for two   If there is just the two of you at home, then Just the Two of Us by Isabel Hood is the cook book that’s been written for you.   It focuses on a stylish collection of recipes to feed two hungry people”.   Worcester Evening News

“Treat your valentine or best friend to a home-made evening feast using recipes from Isabel Hood’s Just the Two of Us.   It’s packed with treats from across the world and dishes that are categorised as Quickstep, Foxtrot or Waltz, depending on how much time you have”.   Saga Magazine