Vegan Cookbook

VEGAN COOKBOOK – The Essential Guide was published by Need2Know in November 2011.

“Cast aside any thought of denying yourself gastronomic pleasure and wearing a culinary hair shirt – any visions of brown rice, brown lentils and even browner nut roast – any pre-conceptions about deprivation and emptiness – and enter the charismatic and flamboyant world of vegan cookery, with its endless spectrum of flavours, textures, scents and colours.   The nut roast is studded with golden toasted walnuts, brazils and cashews, partnered not by a dull gravy made with Marmite, but a vibrant plum and cranberry chutney, or a Salsa Verde, sharp with green olives and capers and bright with fresh parsley, mint or basil.  The brown rice may perhaps be cooked with a thick purée of tomatoes and smoky chillies, Mexican style, or stirred into a laksa, a satisfying Indonesian soup redolent with coconut and lemon grass;  and the lentils might be slate green rather than brown, combined with silky roasted peppers, coriander, pickled lemons, pine nuts and raisins to create a lively, earthy Middle Eastern salad.   Now be honest – does any of this sound in the least bit dreary, let alone ‘brown’?!

In this book, food writer and private chef, Isabel Hood, sets out to prove that the glass, far from being half empty, is full to the brim, full to overflowing with mouth watering possibilities and a way of eating which is limited only by our imaginations.   Whether you are a fully fledged vegan, a beginner just dipping your toes into the water, or an omnivore simply looking to broaden your diet, this collection of vegan recipes will introduce you to a whole new world of exciting dishes based on fruit and vegetables, pulses and grains, nuts and seeds, pungent herbs and warm aromatic spices – prepare to be DAZZLED!”

This has been an extremely exciting project as it is becoming increasingly clear that veganism must play an ever greater role in our food choices.   We are bombarded every day with further scientific evidence that there will be worldwide food shortages not just “some day” but in my own life time.   With this book, I am aiming to bring veganism into the 21st century and prove that a plant-based diet can be infinitely varied and provide a way of eating which is not only environmentally sustainable but is based in utter pleasure.

Signed personal copies of Vegan Cookbook are available.   Please contact me for details.

Praise for Vegan Cookbook:  The Essential Guide 

“In Isabel Hood’s Vegan Cookbook: The Essential Guide, you’ll find an invaluable primer for preparing healthy meals.   With countless tips and recipes that are easy to follow, and with the international culinary expertise that Isabel brings, you won’t have to travel any further than your very own kitchen for the best in vegan cuisine. “   Neal Barnard, M.D., President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

“There are many, many recipes in this book and I’m looking forward to trying them.   All the recipes use fresh ingredients and don’t rely on meat substitutes.   Measurements are UK friendly (in grams, tsp and ml, etc.) and, as far as I can see, all the ingredients are widely available, although there are plenty of tips and guidance for ingredients you may not be so familiar with (i.e. Vege-Gel).”

“If you’re looking for a mixture of quick vegan recipes and gourmet meals, then Vegan Cookbook – The Essential Guide is the right place to start.   Isabel Hood, food lover and chef, presents a collection of inspiring and diverse vegan meals and snacks.   Packed full of healthy vegan recipes and ideas for quick vegan lunches and dinners, this book is the perfect companion for your kitchen.”   The Big Book Giveaway

“I’m not vegan, but I am mad on food and cooking it in different ways.   I have eaten vegan a good few times and cooked it for friends, I love the innovative dishes that often come up.   This book has great potential for anybody interested in flavours, it gives a vegan store cupboard list, then moves on to basic sauces and making salsas and grilled vegetables to add to or accompany dishes.   What brings this above the perceived nut roast and lentil burger diet is the great use of herbs and spices.   There is a fabulous dish of Cauliflower with a Mexican slant which, as I’ve struggled with the blandness of a plain vegetable for years, is a revelation.   It has inspired me to use spice in more vegetables.   There is a great section on pulses, chickpeas being a favourite, and I’m keen to try Savoury Chickpeas with Oregano Pesto.   giventodistracting