Private Chef

As a private freelance chef, my aim is to provide delicious, home-cooked, attractive, exciting, original, healthy food (with the odd bit of indulgent wickedness thrown in!).   I do not seek to impress, awe and attract attention, but quite simply to nourish, delight, satisfy, soothe, stimulate, awaken taste buds and curiosity, challenge preconceptions, and leave diners feeling relaxed, contented and at peace with the world.

The setting may be an elegant dinner, a buffet lunch in the garden, a house party in the country, a shooting week in Scotland, a family holiday in Provence, a ski chalet in the Alps, a yacht in the Caribbean, a picnic at the opera, or a special event such as a wedding or a birthday.   Whatever the brief, good food, pleasure and enjoyment will be the results.

I enjoy travelling nationally and internationally in my work.   Recent foreign assignments have included the South of France, Moorish Spain, a yacht in the Adriatic, the Great Lakes of North America and a royal household in Abu Dhabi.   I speak fluent Spanish, French and Italian.

During my long cooking career, I have developed specific areas of speciality and particular interest which include the cuisines of Mexico, France, Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Near and Middle East – and since 2014, I have been teaching Mexican gastronomy to students at The Cookery School in London’s West End.

I have also worked extensively with vegan food, and am totally committed to nutrition for dynamic health, vitality and long-term youthfulness and anti-ageing, food for life and food for joy.   In 2013/2014, I completed a certification e-course on plant-based nutrition at Cornell University in the United States (isn’t modern technology wonderful?   I didn’t even need to put in a physical appearance!);  the course was created and run by the T Colin Campbell Foundation, he of The China Study fame.   And I am currently immersed in a three-year diploma course in Naturopathic Nutrition which is managed by the College of Naturopathic Nutrition at the University of Brighton – and I am looking forward to graduating in summer 2017.   My purpose is NOT under any circumstances to become a nutritionist, since cooking and eating are my great passions and I have no interest whatsoever in counting calories or grams of protein – as far as I am concerned, food is for pleasure and joy, not for scientific analysis.   It is more a case of expanding my knowledge and understanding of the role food plays in our health and well-being, as well as incorporating this awareness into my cooking to enable me to produce dishes which are totally delicious and life-enhancing.